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Welcome to our Entertainment category here on Things To Do In Clacton, here you can find a list of all the businesses we have compiled that are to do with entertainment. If you’re sticking around for a while and want something to do either on your own or with your family and friends then take a little browse through this category and you will find some great places and things to do to make the time pass by. In Clacton there are lots of places that entertain and all of the obvious ones are well known like the Pier but we help you find all the less known businesses that are here to entertain you like shows at the Westcliff Theatre or the Cinema.

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What’s on in Felixstowe

What’s on in Felixstowe

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Things To Do In Felixstowe

Whether you are in Felixstowe for a holiday, business venture or maybe you even live here, there are some great places to visit and some fantastic things to do. It doesn't matter if you have the whole family with you or if you are just visiting on your own, you will definitely find something to keep yourself entertained. Felixstowe isn't the largest or busiest seaside destination but it does have some absolutely amazing views and sights to see. You can take a walk along the seafront either with your feet in the sand or up higher where you can view the wonderfully kept gardens. If you carry on then you will come to The Felixstowe Pier which has entertainment for people of all ages and somewhere to take a little break and get something to eat. The whole family can get involved in fun things to do in Felixstowe such as the crazy golf course. Make the most of having the sand and sea on your doorstep on those warm days. You can rent a boat out or get some inflatables and a BBQ on the beach for a great day out.

In the Summer months you will see Felixstowe come alive with lots of visitors coming down to visit. The streets will be busier than ever and you can catch parades and shows that come through the streets. There are plenty of places where you can get a good nights rest. There are hotels, bed and breakfasts and more available nearby. Make sure you book in advance in the Summer though because they can become full very quickly. There are a variety of different pubs and venues where you can enjoy some of Felixstowe's nightlife. They all have fully stocked bars and music keeping you alive throughout the night.

Shopping In Felixstowe

Although Felixstowe isn't the most shopping efficient town, you still have the main strip with a good selection of different stores. You have all of your main branded stores but you also have a lot of privately owned businesses that don't sell just the usual things that you would expect so keep your eye out for any hidden treasures. If retail therapy is your thing then you are going to have a blast. Even if you can't find what you are looking for, Ipswich town is just a short journey away which has a much larger selection shops. However you won't get the views and the sea breeze that Felixstowe has to offer. While you are looking around, don't forget to keep fuelled up. Take a break in one of the lovely little cafe's available, you can rest your legs and get a delicious lunch at the same time. On certain days, you can find markets open like the Farmer's Market where you can get a variety of different products.

Eating Out In Felixstowe

If you're sticking around for a while then you are going to want to find the tastiest places to get your eat on. Well you are going to be spoilt for choice when you are in the area. There's an abundance of restaurants, diners, takeaways and cafes that go above and beyond for their diners. It doesn't matter whether you are going out to eat or staying in for the night, the selection is amazing. You can get cuisines of all kinds delivered straight to your doorstep. Flavours from around the world in your fingertips, how fantastic is that! There is Thai Food, Indian Food, Chinese Food, Italian, Turkish & Mediterranean, English Food and so much more! Even if your kids are restless, why not visit one of the many family friendly pubs? They have play areas that will keep the kids busy after they have eaten their food for a while. It's up to you.